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Salsa history – Salsa Music and Singers

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Salsa Music – Singers

Prime Salsa singers are known as soneros and soneras. On this regard they must possess some expertise – skill to accommodate improvisation and voice for any sort of melody. The singer should also own the stage. On this blog you will get to know a few of the greatest Salsa singers in historical past who gave Salsa music an incredible soul and widespread voice.

Salsa’s impact was so huge that it spawned a wide range of skills – soneros and soneras, dancers, songwriters, arrangers, producers and bands. Many of the musicians grew to become recording artists and have been known worldwide. Many went on world tours as Salsa reached new followers in several nations.

Two locations bred an extended listing of Salsa music stars – Cuba and Puerto Rico. A few of them have been born in these two countries whereas others have been already born in the USA, principally in New York the place Salsa all began.

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Celia Cruz

In Salsa’s historical past, the name Celia Cruz is synonymous to a legend. She was known as the Queen of Salsa, and top-of-the-line soneras in Salsa music. She had the ability to improvise lyrics in the middle of the song.

Ismael Rivera

“El Sonero Mayor” was the moniker given to Puerto Rican singer Ismael Rivera. A few of the very best songs he recorded have been “Sale El Sol,” “Las Caras Lindas” and “Mi Negrita Me Espera.”

Héctor Lavoe

One of many legends and thought of one of the best artist within the history of Salsa, Héctor Lavoe had a nasal voice that was thought-about unique. He had the ability to come up with the right lyrics that suited the notes.

Oscar D’León

Venezuela additionally had a roster of talents who contributed a good bit to Salsa music. Oscar D’León was known for his wide selection of repertoire, his amazing textured voice and his knack for improvisations.

Cheo Feliciano

“Amada Mia,” “El Raton” and “Anacaona” have been simply a few of the hit songs of Puerto Rican Salsa singer Cheo Feliciano, who was known for possessing one of the most romantic and sweetest voices in Salsa music.

Rubén Blades

Rubén Blades stood out for offering meaningful lyrics to many songs, such as “Te Estan Buscando,” “Plastico” and “Decisiones.” Blades, who came from Panama, recorded the single, “Pedro Navaja,” a song that is considered as an all-time great when it comes to Salsa music.

Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez

Pete Rodriguez, who’s popularly generally known as “El Conde” has a strong voice that fits the tender Bolero and the jam session type of Descarga. Together with the Fania All Stars and Johnny Pacheco, Rodriguez gained worldwide fame. His own version of “Convergencia,” a Bolero song, is among the best in the genre. Some of his singles that became hit songs include “Sonero,” “La Escencia del Guaguanco,” “Catalina La O” and “Micaela.”

Johnny Pacheco

The co-founder of Fania Records, Johnny Pacheco, hails from the Dominican Republic. He made the journey to New York late in the Forties. He was still in high school when he learned to play the flute, percussion and saxophone.

Fania All-Stars

The legendary Fania All Stars grew to become Fania Records’ iconic representative. Fania All Stars was responsible for popularizing Salsa music in New York during the 1970s. The ensemble held concerts at big halls like the Yankee Stadium in Bronx and Greenwich Village’s Red Garter.

Adalberto Santiago

Puerto Rican Salsa singer Adalberto Santiago is internationally known and famous for his relaxed and flawless singing voice that’s very well suited to Salsa music. It actually made him a prolific and enduring singer, doing session work for various recording artists for six decades.

Benny Moré

In the case of Cuban artists, Benny Moré’s title was a heavyweight. He was one of the essential singers from Cuba who not only sang Mambo and Cuban Son but also Guaracha and Bolero.

La India

If Celia Cruz was the Queen of Salsa, La India, whose actual name was Linda Viera Caballero, was the Princess of Salsa. She’s an emotional singer with Puerto Rican roots but grew up in Bronx, New York.

Tito Puente

One of the most beloved proponents of Latin jazz was Tito Puente, the son of Puerto Rican mother and father who lived in the Spanish Harlem community in New York City.

Willie Colón

The Boston Globe described the music of Willie Colón and bandleader Eddie Palmieri as ”the sound of Salsa.” He helped form the the careers of musicians like Celia Cruz and Rubén Blades.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a singer, songwriter, and actor of Puerto Rican descent who has made his mark by way of his Latin and salsa-inspired music.

Notable Salsa singers and artists

Salsa dance and music have been so contagious and influential since their early days, and proceed to encourage so many singers, songwriters, arrangers and artists. With the good demand for Salsa music, it’s no surprise that soloists, duets, trios, bands and orchestras proceed to form and provide enjoyment to Salsa lovers from all around the globe. All of them are worth mentioning, for his or her influence and contribution to continued involvement and patronage of this music style. Most of them are from the USA, Cuba, Peru, Puerto Rico and different Latin American nations. This isn’t exhaustive however these are a few of the most outstanding exponents of Salsa music. Most of them still continue to provide awesome shows.

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