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Top 5 Radio Reggaeton Shows You Can’t Miss

Introduction to Radio Reggaeton Reggaeton music is a popular genre that originated in Puerto Rico. It is a fusion of Latin American and Caribbean styles, such as reggae, hip hop, and Latin American music. Reggaeton has gained widespread popularity and has become a prominent feature of contemporary music. Many radio stations around the world host reggaeton shows to cater to the demand for this vibrant and energetic genre. These shows […]

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Celia Cruz


Salsa history – Salsa Music and Singers

Salsa Music – Singers Prime Salsa singers are known as soneros and soneras. On this regard they must possess some expertise – skill to accommodate improvisation and voice for any sort of melody. The singer should also own the stage. On this blog you will get to know a few of the greatest Salsa singers in historical past who gave Salsa music an incredible soul and widespread voice. Salsa’s impact […]

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